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Wasted Life: Korryn Gaines and Her BLM Death Wish

Monday was another unfortunate (but increasingly regular) event in which mother of two, Korryn Gaines was killed by police officers after a seven hour standoff at her apartment. Gaines, 23, goes to social media and Instagram filming messages that indicate that she believes any interaction with the police will end in death. In the last hours of her life, she even films her five-year-old boy, who was also injured, saying to her phone camera “They coming to kill us,” with a smile on his face. The smile is because this child has absolutely no concept of death, and that such a mentality will lead to him living the rest of his childhood without a mother.

Looking through Gaines’ social media, it is full of pro-black memes and anti cop rhetoric. Her partner was a black man, who chose to flee the scene with their one year old child instead of protecting the woman who chose to martyr herself for a lost cause.

The reaction from the usual suspects on social media range from the unconcerned to “bitch deserved to die, she was a shitty mother.” And while Gaines wasn’t a Sunday school teacher and made some choices I wouldn’t get caught dead doing (sorry for the pun), this woman has been offered little compassion or any benefit of the doubt by many. No compassion for the possibility that she was mentally ill and latched onto the Black Lives Matter movement as an outlet to her paranoia. Nope. She’s just a typical loud black, “bastard baby maker” being a bitch-thot-chicken head-hair hatted beastie.

Listen to this THING call Gaines a “Trap queen baby mama”

I went live yesterday with fire starter Breukelen Bleu. This is the first time we’ve done a live discussion.

Gaines is a wasted life, who died by a mental illness that caused her to lack self-protective instincts that manifested itself through paranoia of the police and Black Lives Matter-fueled hysteria. In the aftermath, two children a motherless and the community that she martyred herself for will amount to little more than a blip on a Facebook feed.

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