An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian Regarding Her Preggo News


Hey Kimmie, I heard you were knocked up a couple days ago when your boo of only eight months, Kanye West, announced that his 5,000+ audience pay … [Read more...]

#NWNW ‘Truce’ with Prominent Social Media Feminists?


Me and prominent writer and prominent social media feminist, Tami Winfrey Harris had a Twitter exchange regarding her article about Shawty Lo in … [Read more...]

Commentary on the Crooked Room: You Mad Sapphire? You Mad…the Angry Black Woman Trope

society, culture, rage, angry black woman, health, emotional health, hostility, depression, abuse, reflection, perception, patience, rage, disorders, therapy

Hello. My name is Jenn. And, I am an angry black woman. You know why? Well, because I, like all other human beings, possess the ability to get … [Read more...]

Do We Care About Our Afro-Latina Sisters?

Afro-Argentine Woman Marie LaMadrid

Here in America even we black folks take things for granted. We have had our civil rights movement behind us for decades and though the struggle … [Read more...]

Why I don’t call myself a “feminist” (and probably never will…)


Author's Note: I know the title alone is going to upset some people. I know persons are going to come flocking into this post to try and "educate" me … [Read more...]

The “White Guy Pass”: Does It Exist?


Fairly recently we've had articles addressing the fact that DBRism is something black women should expect to avoid not just in black men, but in … [Read more...]

White Math + Black Woman = Career Gold

girl writing math problem

So, I guess I am a 'blerd.' You know, a black nerd. And, I have always been one. In third grade I disassembled my mother's salad spinner and put it … [Read more...]

“All My Baby Mamas”…Well, What Do You Expect When You Try to Normalize Dysfunction??


This morning I got wind of yet another ratchety reality show, this one centering on the misadventures of a black male seed-spreader with 10 baby mamas … [Read more...]

Poll: Which are You, “Black Woman” First, or “Woman” First, “Black” Second?

black power lady

We've been talking a lot about black women's position in society, and ways to improve our station. But riddle me this--are you a "black woman," or a … [Read more...]

Cheer up! Black women have much to celebrate because the times, they are ‘a changin’

Fashion Michelle Obama Vogue

Another day, another study on black women and interracial dating that sounds a little depressing. BUT these studies should not be taken as the … [Read more...]