Black Women's Empowerment

It’s Time: Black Women FINALLY Marching for Themselves!

For far too long, the image and likeness of black women and girls have been dragged for filth in the public forum. Social media sites like You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter have been bastions of hateful rhetoric against us. What is more, hateful men have turned these media vehicles into a cottage industry for economic gain. Yes; bashing black women on such forums can make you a millionaire, or at least brag that you’re one.

Enter the new era, where black women are beginning to divert their energy and resources away from OTHER PEOPLES’ PROBLEMS and FINALLY start focusing on THEMSELVES and their OWN WELFARE. Make no mistake, this is history being made.

Are you going to be on the right side of it?

You can start by supporting this petition written by Sophia Angeli Nelson. Once we receive about two thousand signatures, she plans to present this petition to advertisers who use the above for vehicles to reach customers. However, many advertiser farm out their outreach to ad companies who allow their commercials to be shown next to hateful, bigoted content.

From Sophia:

Black women and girls are not seen as human. As valuable or as worthy as their Caucasian sisters, or other women NOT of color. This is an epidemic that allows black men to create degrading, harassing, unlawful, and menacing YOUTUBE channels and videos harassing black women, girls and particular abuse is heaped on black women who are professionals, single and successful. This culture of assault on black women feeds into why the police and authorities do not care about our girls when they go missing or traded in sex trafficking. It must stop. We are mobilizing black women and all who care.

As of now, the petition, which was released last night has about 450 signatures. Click here now to add your voice.

Take a look at the update of our online initiative to clear up hate and bullying on You Tube:
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