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Rachel Linsey, Please Don’t Allow Black To Decide What Race Man You Pick.

Rachel Linsey is making history as the first African American Bachelorette, but that’s not stopping some black folks from trying to pressure her into picking a black guy. Isn’t it typical of the GAT-DL (Guardians of All Things Dark & Lovely) to come swooping in and trying to take ownership of this black woman’s choices? Never mind that black men date and marry interracially a twice the rate, and the same level of guilt to “keep it black” isn’t being put upon them. Heck–they can even magically anoint their non-black brides black if they had a great great great grandmother that lived in a black neighborhood for five minutes, and you’ll have a calvary of black people willing are ready to defend their choices and accuse black women of just being jealous.

While black women have been able to enjoy free agency in education and the workplace, the last frontier of our liberation is in our romantic lives. For too long, black women have been guilted into conforming to the expectations of a community that takes more than it gives, and imposes impossible expectations on the females of the group. Black people tell us we need to choose better while blaming us for the entire downfall of the black community, but then want to hamstring our ability to pursue men of all races and be forced to fight for the few marriageable black men who enjoy their status as holy unicorns.

No one is suggesting Rachel not choose a black men, but if she does, let it be HER choice, and not brought along by outside pressure.

Rachel Linsey does not belong to us. Let her go so she can be free to be, and love and find love with the man of her choosing, regardless of his race. The time has come. Finally.

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