Black Women's Empowerment

At Last…An Anti-Defamation Organization for Black Women and Girls…ONLY.

If you haven’t heard about this history-making event yet, just wait. In a year, you may see news segments about it on CNN, featured articles in the New York Times, and spots on all the top women’s blogs about a new organization on the horizon that FINALLY makes the needs, interests, and advocacy of black women and girls a priority. After literally decades of fighting for everyone else and feeling utterly helpless at the onslaught of hate, disrespect, dismissal, and distain we’ve endured, it’s time for us to focus on US.

In fact, there was so much enthusiasm for this idea, that we were able to raise nearly $5000 of the $10,000 goal to kickstart the organization in only three days.

The Goal:

I want to start a not-for-profit organization that will contribute to the aims of helping Black women defend themseves against these relentless attacks, arming them with knowledge to ACT.  I need your help to get this off the ground.

The Mission:

1. To stop the defamation of Black women and girls, securing justice and fair treatment girls and women worldwide.

2. To empower women with the tools to defend themselves against defamation, harassment, bullying/intimidation online and in all walks of life and all fields of human endeavor.

3. To combat negative propaganda in the media and in society at large against Black women.

4. To arm Black women with the tools to defend themselves from malicious ideological attacks against their reputation and well being from multiple sources.

5. To strengthen legal protections for Black women and girls.

1. The establishment of a 501(c)(3) which is the most common type of US tax-exempt nonprofit organization which is exempt from federal income tax for a cause such as ours.

2. Securing dedicated lawyers ON RETAINER (and/or volunteers) to respond to issues affecting Black women and girls when called upon. We will be especially interested in those law professionals well versed in Cyber laws, and law involving not-for-profit organizational management.

Other important goals:

–Name & Branding
–Website & URL Aquisition
–Constitution & Bylaws W/ Procedures (as needed) to ensure integrity, transparency, and perpetual adherance to our mission.
–The Election of National Officers
–Plans for Expansion & Incorporation
–Continual Fundraising Strategy for Success
–Marketing Campaingn for Awareness for Our Cause

Black women have the brillant minds, connections, and resources to make things happen.  There is power in numbers, and we have the spending power to make a real impact on public policy affecting Black women and girls.  Please join with me as we embark on a HISTORIC journey.

We have always had the power. The ruby slippers are on our feet.

Who are we?

Asia Simone is a youtube blogger, graduate student, and ordinary citizen like you from New York. Her YouTube channel can be found here:

Christelyn Russel Karazin is a wife & mother who currently owns and runs the very popular website Her YouTube channel can be found here:

She along with other trusted advisors and concerned Black women in our audiences have come together to form this organization.

Both Christelyn and I are victims of vicious cyber bullying, harsassment, and intimidation from indivdual YouTube bloggers and their followers who perpetuate hate speech against Black women. We want to protect other Black girls and women from the abuse we endured. All because those attackers didn’t like our opinons.

Here’s What We Need from You:

  • Of course we would be grateful if you donated. Everyone who donates toward our minimum $10k goal will go on our “Wall of Supporters” on our upcoming web site. If you would like to donate, click here.
  • Sophia Nelson has started a petition in which the goal is to reach 2k signatures to present to companies and policy makers to urge them into action for the interests related to black girls and women. Please sign the petition (after all, it’s free!) Click here.
  • We need a name!! A name is EVERYTHING, so help us pick one! All suggestions welcome, so let’s get to it in the Comments!
  • Let us know what YOU want to see our organization focusing on. Webinars, clinics, conferences, advocacy, policy…tell us!


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