YES! Lupita N’Yongo Is People’s Most BEAUTIFUL PERSON of the Year!!!!


How's THIS for "fetishizing"... Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Praise heavens and all the saints. … [Read more...]

Founder of “For Brown Girls,” and Advocate for US, Karyn Washington Committed Suicide, and I Suck.


Today I've been whining about breaking the screen on my laptop computer and complaining about a radio show that went horribly, terribly wrong, and I … [Read more...]

A Letter from a Teenager Who Found BB&W

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When I get notes like this, I swear, everything makes sense. So glad more girls and women are coming out of the shadows and telling their truth. And … [Read more...]

Recognize Yourself? Five Signs You Are An Angry Black Woman

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By Elaine Flowers, BB&W guest writer We could use this time to go over all of the good reasons why black women should be angry, but I have … [Read more...]

Femininity Series, Part One: “What Does It Mean to Be Feminine, and How Does That Affect Attraction?”

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The topic of femininity is so polarizing. On one end, you have women who feel like even the discussion of femininity is a threat to feminism, and … [Read more...]

Tired of Feeling Like the Dude? BB&W Fan and Friend, ‘Nicole Abundance’ Gives Lessons in Femininity

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Let's face it: gender neutrality is confusing. So let's just celebrate being girls, shall we? Long-time BB&W fan, 'Nicole Abundance' has creating … [Read more...]

Judge Not An Ally By Their Skin Color or Whom They Marry…Support is an Action

The Root, British born, Lupita Nyong'o, Steve McQueen , black women, allies, culture, politics, power, networks, support networks, congratulations to Lupita!! As Lupita Nyong'o tearfully accepts the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and … [Read more...]

Must Read: Endless Opportunities Abroad For Women of Color

Packaged Earth

There are times when we look at the world and the outlook seems quite bleak and then there are times when we look at the world and it seems unfair, … [Read more...]

Why Is Everyone Mad At A “Non-Working” Black Woman?

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I find that there are few things that piss off black people more than a stay at home black mother. Not stay at home mother, but stay at home BLACK … [Read more...]

Stop Telling Women to Smile comes to Oakland!

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  I am very proud to share that the Stop Telling Women to Smile campaign that I backed continues to roll along. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, the … [Read more...]