Obesity Wins Again. My Half-Sister Is Dying.

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People often wonder why I cover the minefield that is black women and obesity. It stems from experience, watching my mother and half-sister … [Read more...]

Black Female-Centered Media is Coming Around to Our Side, but is It Only Because the NY Post Said it Was Okay?

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Before the New York Post wrote about Jacque Reid's reversal of her decision to participate in my coaching, I was often the running joke of online … [Read more...]

I’m Taking a Hard Line. Either You Are With Us, Or You Are Against Us.

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I recently heard news that an organization called Color of Change is holding Bravo's feet to the fire for it's negative depiction of black women on … [Read more...]

Honest Question: What Do Folks Expect Quality Black Women to Do? Shrivel Up and Die?

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By now you've heard that I'm coaching adorable radio and television personality, Jacque Reid. We announced the endeavor, coordinated with the help of … [Read more...]