Mantras for Black Women in 2021

Written by Nicole

We are now six days into 2021, and things are already popping off. Unrest is happening in the Capitol as I type this, celebrity divorces are in full swing, and of course, the virus rages on. But now is not the time to get sucked into all the drama and chaos. Remain focused on your goals, your life, and your ultimate state of being, regardless of whatever is happening elsewhere. With that in mind, here are three powerful mantras black women can use to make the most of this year, and beyond.

  • That’s not my fight

    I believe if more black women simply said “that’s not my fight” when literally anything popped off, we would be a lot better off as a collective. Dr. Dre, arguably one of the originators of the genre of music destroying the black woman’s image, apparently had an aneurysm, and black women across social media are praying for his good health. I was rather young at the time, but he’s the one that beat up Dee Barnes, right? That’s the dude you are praying for? Couldn’t be me. Anyway, instead of wishing women-beaters well and blocking his retribution, direct your prayers elsewhere and say “That’s not my fight.”

    White women white womening the game of Mah Jong? That’s not my fight.

    The latest famous white woman to be left an unwed single mother going on a Christmas day Twitter rant? That’s not my fight.

    The latest distraction that doesn’t serve you or your goals? That’s not my fight.

    Because the world at large sees you as free labor, there is a pervasive belief that any and every injustice will be up to you to fix. So, without any malice or ill-will, simply say “That’s not my fight” the next time you are expected to provide labor for free. Because there will certainly be a next time.

  • Nothing personal

    I wrote about “nothing personal” last month after a particularly poignant line from a show. But really, this two-word mantra holds such power! Black women need to be a lot more strategic at this game called life. And in that strategy, some actions you take might be viewed as harsh, excessive, or cruel. Using “nothing personal” as your own little mantra means that you are doing what billions of men and women before you have done for millennia: looking out for themselves. The first law of nature is self-preservation, and if that’s looks like cutting off your childhood bestie, or moving three continents away from your family, or withdrawing all support, so be it. It’s nothing personal.

  • I’m good, love, enjoy.

    On the other side of it not being personal, you should not take things personally yourself. So, the next time your sister friends ask you to hit the street to march, politely decline the opportunity, but wish them well. Buck the tradition of all the women in your family doing the same destructive things, generation after generation, but if your cousin does, have at it. I’m good love, enjoy.

2021 isn’t even a week old yet, but it’s already kicking off, and I firmly believe this is only the beginning. Stay safe, move in stealth, and strategize accordingly so you come out on top.  What mantras are you using this year? Share yours in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This blog was written by me, Nicole, and my ideas are not necessarily reflective of Christelyn Karazin or other writers on this platform.

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