Sister Soldier Sucker Slave, a poem by Nicole

Written by Nicole

Sister Soldier Sucker Slave

As black women we are diverse, beautiful and unique

Creative, sensual, crafty, and an enchanting voice to speak

But Society has its beliefs as to how we should behave,

And broadly they are classified as Sister, Soldier, Sucker, Slave.


The first role is of Sister, the bestie battery pack

Always being everyone’s friend, even when they don’t have our back

Meant to be the sidekick, never given time to shine

And if you call that out, you’ll have to simply wait in line

As the Sister you can also be the perpetual ATM

To spend your hard-earned money on your so-called sister-friends

For commissary, for bail money, for everyone’s poor decisions,

And if you decline to help, Sister, you’ll be met with great derision

So if you play the Sister role, as always, be aware

Because you may be their Sister, but do your sisters really care?


The second role is of Soldier, marching on to the front lines

For every single cause that others deem worthy of your time

But as the Soldier, you’re in line to be the sacrifice

Often for folks who’d offer you up without thinking twice

Before you Soldier on, determine the worthiness of your cause

Because if it’s not what Society wants, expect jeers and not applause


The third role is of Sucker, to get played for a fool

When Society exploits your kindness as a useful tool

Instead of believing the facts and figures before your eyes

You’ll get conned into believing that women aren’t the prize!

You get Suckered into believing the exception makes the rule

And still end up surprised if that exception is not you!

The Sucker role is the worst, as Suckers always lose

So always be alert to whether the game is being run on you.


The final role is of Slave, to get worked to the bone

For everyone else’s plights and pains, except of course, your own

And if you dare deny being everyone else’s mule

You’ll be castigated as uppity, mean, hateful, or cruel

That’s why any and everyone loves to praise you as being Strong

To use you for your labor as often as the day is long.


These four roles are not the only ones, but the undertones are the same

Of Society at large using you to bolster their own gains

The end results rarely benefit you, if ever

If someone wants you in those roles, these are ties that you should sever

As we arrive in a new year, know you don’t have to behave

As someone else’s Sister, Soldier, Sucker or their Slave.


Copyright Nicole, Beyond Black and White, 26 December 2020

Disclaimer: This poem was written by me, Nicole, and my ideas are not necessarily reflective of Christelyn Karazin or other writers on this platform.

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