Do You Believe In Psychics?

With the new season of “Long Island Medium,” the bleached-to-death blond with the orange tan who sees dead people starting, I have to wonder how many people actually believe this stuff. It’s not that I doubt  the human ability to be intuitive–hell, I’ve even had a few psychic moments myself. But from what I see, those folks claiming to see spirits and tell the future are mostly full, frontal FAKERS. Here’s how most of the conversation with psychic readers goes:

Psychic: “I seeing someone in your life whose name starts with M.”

Me: “Everyone has someone in their lives whose name starts with M.”

Psychic: “I’m sensing you’ve previously had a health issue. What was it.”

Me: “Depends on what you mean by “health issue.” I just had a cold last week.”

Psychic: “THAT’S IT, THAT’S IT! I KNEW IT!! That will be $100.

Me: Blank stare.

When I was young and gullible I’ll admit I got majorly hosed by a uh…”psychic” who convinced me I could hold on to a boyfriend if I bought some special, magic snake–er–holy oil. That’s GOT to be one of the dumbest thing I did in my 21-year-old life. She could have saved the Wesson, because dude wasn’t worth 1/10 of the $50 I paid.

I just hate how these guys prey on peoples’ grief and desperation, feeling around in the dark until they find something–anything that sticks. Remember Dionne Warwick and her psychic friends? What’s a crock! “Yes Mrs. Schumck, for just $8.99 per minute I’ll guess your favorite color and how many kids you’ll have one day.”

There’s only one medium/psychic that has ever had any credence when addressing issues in my life, and I didn’t have to pay a cent. She was about 90% correct, but I won’t say what–I’ll just wait until it comes true.

So how about you? Believe in psychics, or just been hosed by one? Dish!

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