Gifts for a Cause: World Vision Gifts Help the Neediest Among Us

Ever regret giving someone a gift because they were a colossal ingrate? Well even when you do that this year, if you purchase it from World Vision, you’ll that someone will be grateful–the creators of those gifts.

More about World Vision:

World Vision has a lot of beautiful hand-crafted gift ideas, but these two are my favorites:

Artisan Multi-colored Necklace: Fight human trafficking through this semi-precious stone and glass bead necklace. This unique, colorful strand can be worn long or short, as a bracelet or even a belt.

Hand-Embroidered Silk Scarf: With a contribution of $85 a recipient receives a beautiful, hand-embroidered silk scarf made in Thailand that features vibrant colors with a soft silky feel.  Approximate size of scarf is 58″ long by 28″ wide.

And here’s me wearing both. This items are extremely high quality. Two thumbs and two toes up.