Girl, 13, Plunges to Her Death While Begging Boy to Delete Sex Tape

This from the London Evening Standard:

A sexually abused 13-year-old girl slipped to her death in a “ghastly accident” and did not intend to kill herself, a coroner has said.

Chevonea Kendall-Bryan was begging a teenage boy to delete a sex tape of her being abused when she plunged 60ft from her bedroom window in Battersea, the inquest heard.

Coroner Bernard Richmond QC told Westminster coroner’s court that he believed Chevonea was leaning out of the window to convince the boy, known as E6, that she would jump if he did not erase the mobile phone footage but that she never intended to follow her threat through.

The inquest previously heard that Chevonea, who self-harmed, was the victim of school bullying.

Her mother Amanda Kendall said her daughter had been upset as a result of the bullying, which started when she was in year eight, when she was slapped and pushed by other pupils.

Ms Kendall told North Westminster coroners’ court last week: “Chevonea was very bubbly and always laughing and joking. She was a nice little girl.

Chevonea may have been a nice girl, but she was yet another vulnerable black girl, hungry and in need of male approval and psychological reinforcement. I am convinced that a 13-year-old CHILD is only interested in having sex not because she likes it, but because she has a hole in her heart so big that she’ll do whatever she needs to in order to feel loved.

This girl was THIRTEEN. THIRTEEN. Barely a teenager, two years younger than Maxi Me. Ladies, we have a responsibility to reach out to young black girls and at least TRY to teach them that sex does not equal love. Thirteen-year-old boys think with their penises and their hormones rule everything. They will tell a girl who is hungry to male attention absolutely ANYTHING they want to hear so they can hit it. And don’t expect them to keep it a secret–today’s technology allows for them to prove their conquests in irrefutable real time.

At least the Evening Standard is calling what happened to Chevonea what exactly it was–sexual abuse. I wonder if the boy who taunted and abused her will finally delete the tape.

If you know a “Chevonea,” take her into your arms and tell her she deserves so much more.