How to Dress For Your Skin Tones– Red, Teal, and Plum

I have been writing posts for the last three months on skin tones and what they are, but it just occurred to me that you may not understand what the heck I am talking about. So I have decided to put cool and warm tones side by side so that you could see the difference in the tones in hopes that once you go out to shop for makeup or clothes, you will be able to choose accordingly.


Teals, a homage to blue and green can be tricky if you do not know what you are doing. How can two cool colors be warm? They can in fact have a warmer tinge them, usually you can tell because they are richer in tone those with more yellow tones. Remember the rules, if you have gold or olive tones you want to wear warm tones to balance out your color and if you have warm, red under tones you want to wear cooler colors to keep you from looking ruddy and muddy.


Teal for your color tone
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As you see the teal to the left has a richer warmer hue than the teal to the right. The one to the right seems to be cooler to the eye, almost yellow in tone. Most colors will follow this order.


Plums, a homage to red and purple, with a scoch of yellow–on the cooler end. These are easier to choose because plums are a mixture of red, a warm color and purple a hybrid color. The more blue added to the plum mixture, the cooler the color gets and the more red added the warmer it gets. Check out my example below.


Dress for your Tones--Plum
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Reds, now here is where it gets tricky. When it comes to red, you have the opposite of everything I just told you. If you have yellow undertones, you will be looking for more blue/reds.. blue reds give off a purple tone which is the opposite of yellow. This combo gives your skin a nice glow, living up the the coolness to your tone. If you have red tones then you will steer more towards the yellow/orange reds. These reds keep your warm red under tones from being overwhelming. They cool the red in your tone down.


RED for your undertones
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All in all, I have been doing this job for 9 years now and I can honestly say, that even though I am no longer an active makeup artist and stylist, I truly enjoy playing with color. I hope this was helpful. And the colors I chose are on trend for Fall 2012, so good luck and happy shopping!

Until next post, toodles!

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