The Lame Aunt’s Guide to Last-Minute Christmas Toys

Lame aunts, you know who you are. It’s five days till Christmas and you still having gotten a gift for your adorable little niece or nephew because you have absolutely no recollection of your childhood and you don’t even know what kids are liking these days. Lucky you, because as a mom of four kids of varying ages and sexes, I can tell you with confidence what the hot toys are this season. Now you can brave the halls of Wal*Mart, Target, or Toys R’ Us with confidence knowing that you know exactly what to get and that little Chica or Chico will love it.

Hot Gift Ideas for Teenagers


Before you laugh about this item being in the teen category, this was first on Maxi Me’s list, and she’ll be 15 next month, her best friend, 14, co-signed.