LMAO! New Dating Site Matches You According To Political Affiliation!

Ever fall in like with that special someone, only to find out that he’s a raving, socialist commy, or rabid, nazi fascist? Now you don’t have to worry about that awkward moment when you discover you and your boo are politically incompatible.

RedStateDate.com and BlueStateDate.com are the brain children of 27-year-old Californian, Alexander Fondrier. I mean, talk about preferences, huh? In this digital world of online dating, you can hone in on your romantic target with sniper-shot precision.

Take a look at this. I mean, this is brilliant. From Politico:

The sites allow users to both define their own politics on economic, foreign policy and social issues and to pick a partner based on their positions. Users can even find a match by adjusting how heavily to value each category (i.e., you can place a heavy emphasis on someone being, say, a social conservative but less so on economic conservatism). And for those fresh off the election cycle, you can even brag about which campaigns you’ve worked on (Fondrier himself once volunteered for Rep. Chris Shays).

Politics can cause a rift in a relationship more than we’d like to admit. There are women on this site who swear they’d never let a conservative, Tea Party, gun-toting man come near them with an 80-foot pole. Yet, there are tons of women who I interviewed for SWIRLING who are married to Republicans and ultra conservatives with active memberships in the NRA, and live happily together, and would never DREAM of calling their wives the n-word.

So what’s the lesson in this, folks? You can pare down your preferences to eliminate just about everybody. And in so doing, block yourself from meeting someone really special who just so happens to like Sarah Palin or another who has already bought “Hillary for President, 2016!!!” bumper stickers.

For the Blue People…

For the Red People…