Mangia, Mangia! Chef Bob Has a Cookbook!

Ladies and Gents, I’m proud to say I have published my first E-Cookbook. This is a collection of some the recipes I have used over the thirty-five years I’ve spent in the food service industry. These were developed, tested and used over the years in service at several different types of restaurants from 4 star to Mom and Pop joints. The theme, American Comfort Food is what I love to do, and will continue as long as health permits me to stay cooking. It is available for purchase for $7.99, but due to technical problems all the photos were stripped out. Therefore, I’ve decided to send anyone who purchases this book a fully illustrated copy in your chosen format. It will be available for all devices, including Nook and the iPhone.

You can order and download the book here: All major credit cards, and PayPal is accepted. Thank you all for your support on the blog, and remember, stay hungry my friends.

Cover for 'The Ultimate Recipe Xchange Cookbook'