Murder the Messenger–The GAT-DL Blacklash of NWNW

I love Jacque Reid. She’s a fan of the “Swirling,” and although she didn’t say it outright, she’s a fan of No Wedding No Womb. It was evidenced this morning when I was invited on the show to discuss my now infamous piece, “Why Doesn’t The Black Community Value Marriage.”

And 3…2…1, the GAT-DL is out in FULL FORCE to murder the messenger and only give a mumble’s worth of lip service of acknowledging the actual problem. Here’s what one blogger ranted:

I have a SERIOUSLY FN BAD ATTITUDE about that last RT. If you are in an interracial relationship, I am about to throw out a wide net, but I swear I don’t hate any of you…BUT I AM SO DAMN SICK AND TIRED OF BLACK PEOPLE WHO HAVE MARRIED WHITE PEOPLE COMMENTING NEGATIVELY ON THE DISMAL STATE OF BLACK AFFAIRS. Sick sick sick sickity fucking sick of it. It reeks of “look at me, whitey saved me, now what’s wrong with y’all?” to me, for one, but even though THAT may just be my opinion creeping in, what say do you have on the state of black marriage when your ass isn’t even IN ONE? Don’t sit here and admonish black women who get pregnant out of wedlock, black moms who encourage black sons not to marry the women they’ve impregnated, or the black community as a whole for not being fucking married when you didn’t even marry a damn black person yourself.

And then another…

I’m not sure who Mrs. Karazin is friends with, but I am surrounded by nothing but positive black couples who have happy healthy relationships contradicting her ideology that the Black Community actually DOES value Marriage. And I would like to think that my choice in friends is the norm for people of my ethnicity and background. A wise person always told me, your friends are a perfect reflection of you. Which is why I have found myself surrounded by nothing but positive loving people who are in committed relationships or may be pursuing a committed relationship in the future.

Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that because I’m married interracially I can’t advocate for healthy relationships in the black community. Tell me, do you have to be GAY to advocate for marriage equality? Do you have to be a HOBO to lobby for the homeless? Do you have to have a whole bunch of abortions to be pro-choice? I’m just wondering. I also find it incredibly sexist that people in the BC won’t give license of black advocacy when a black woman married interracially speaks out, but when the picket sign is in the hands of a black man, he can advocate all day long with his wife girlfriend/wife/jump off and still be seen and respected as “a brother.”


I’m black, I care about black girl and boys, I care out my people, and I am SICK, SICK, SICK of the DENIAL of this problem, and people rushing to silence anyone who DARE speak out by discrediting them.

Anyhoo, if you missed me on the radio this morning, you can listen here. I’m jumping up and down and doing the Cabbage Page because Jay did not crack a single joke through the whole segment. I guess 80% of black children born to half a parental unit isn’t such a laughing matter after all.