What Last Night’s Election Revealed About America

After all the hullabaloo about this season’s presidential election nail-biting predictions, turns out all the drama was unnecessary. Obama had the race all along, much to the chagrin of Karl Rove. Speaking of Rove and all the other dusty rich old white men who cling to Nixon’s Southern Strategy with knobby, arthritic fingers, I hope this will be a lesson for you. Your base is dying off, and your appeals to the base instinct of bigotry and intolerance isn’t working out well for you anymore.

You just have to watch Karl refuse to give up Ohio. It’s comedy gold.

I’m planning to listen to Rush Limbaugh today just to get a chuckle when he twists and contorts himself into a pretzel trying to convince his audience that we really didn’t see what we just saw–that the Republicans got their asses handed to them. Again. (Anyone remember when he said Obama would be a one-term prez? BWHAHAHAHA!)

I’m lol’ing at Rush bloviating, “We’ve lost the country!! People voted for Santa Claus!!”

Yes; I’m gloating. Let me have that today.

I called The Hubster last night when the news came out that Obama won (again), he expressed his disgust that the party in which he belongs. “They keep letting the wackos run the place. They don’t seem interested in Republicans like me.” He’s what conservative crazies call a RHINO (Republican in name only) because he’s okay with gay marriage, has no interest in probing around in women’s wombs, and eats organic. He’s rabid about out-of-control spending, though. He’s a fiscal conservative.

While blacks and Latinos came out in droves for Obama, we have to remember that he could not have won the presidency without white folks (like The Hubster) who have rejected Bush-era politics as usual. There’s a certain segment of Republicans that are so completely frustrated with how the party has been hijacked by zealots, but they feel like there is no place for them to go. Democrats lean towards too many entitlements to lure voters like my husband. There really isn’t any place for them in either party.

It looks like Independents, Latinos, independents, African Americans and RHINOS like my husband guided Obama to his second victory. More than anything, last night’s Republican spanking rang the death knell for the Southern Strategy, let it burn in Hell.

God bless America!!

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