It’s OFFICIAL. No Wedding No Womb is a California Non-Profit Corporation!

Time was running out.

The book and this blog had me stretched to the limit, and I’d already passed two deadlines. Odette, the angel at the California Franchise Tax Board told me that she would be leaving the department, and since she had already given me one extension, she could only give me one more week. I scrambled to get in contact with my friend and sister-from-another-mister, Lyn Twyman to help to no avail. I called Odette on the Wednesday, the day before the final, THIS-IS-IT!! deadline. She told me that she would have to deny my application. There was a long pause. Then she said, “I’ll give you two more days. You’re so close. You have all your paperwork in, you just need XYZ. You’re so close.”

She wouldn’t say so explicitly, but I know that she saw the mission, believed in it, and had pity on me. Someone told me that I should just let it go. After all, I had a lot on my plate–not just the work, but four kids in school, soccer, tutoring and cheer leading. I also have a husband I have to…uh…tend to.

I just couldn’t give it up. After two years of all the phone calls, emails, mobilizations, financial and emotional support, cajoling, arguing and Twitter wars, betrayals and victories, I just couldn’t let it all be for nothing. No Wedding No Womb! is bigger than me, but I was the only one who could see this through to the end.

So my good, good friend Lorraine Spencer hunted Lyn Twyman down. We reconnected and together, we got all the paperwork in two hours before Odette was set to deny our nonprofit application.

She called me this morning to tell me we made it. The confirmation letter is in the mail, and what started as a little blog entry on Cher’s Black Women Deserve Better blog is now a national moment and best of all, legal and LEGITIMATE.

I am so grateful for everyone who believed in me, us, and No Wedding No Womb. Now the real work begins and honestly, I’m going to have to figure out what the next step will be. We’re going to have to figure out the logistics of “Map Your Future,” so volunteers and donations are welcome!

In addition to monetary donations, we need volunteers! We need people who have experience in the following:
Website development
Social Media and SEO optimization
Event Planners
Business Owners
Administrative staff