Question of the Week: Pro-Black Girl Feels Conflicted About Interracial Dating

i am a young African American female and i am a big avocate for back empowerment and inspiring my community to do and become better. id get the black power fist tattooed on my heart if i could, thats how serious it is for me. however, even though i love seeing unity in my people, i am also an avocate for interracial relations. i think its beautiful if for the right reasons. i am attracted to ever “race” annd i would date or marry and “race” of men. the issue is how can i preach to my community about unity, love, power, etc with a white or asian guy on my arm? i feel they wouldn’t take me seriously. don’t get me wrong, id date or marry black men too but thats not all I go for. i dont want to just date black guys to show how much i love and support my people. how can i support my people and still date who i want despite “race”? thanks so much in advance for your help.

Fact is, the black community puts all sorts of qualifications upon black women who can speak for them, but won’t impose those same constraints on black men. Is this also a “feminist” issue, right? Fight the patriarchy and male privilege, right? Well, you’d think so, but when we launched “No Wedding No Womb,” it was prominent feminists in the social media Twitterverse, like Dr. Goddess, who used my interracial marriage to dismiss me outright. Yes, I’m going to start calling them out. To be sure, this is a “faction,” which may or may not be representative of the whole, but it is certainly one of the most vocal. Not because I want a “war,” but because I want to point to the hypocrisy of it all. Click on the video and you’ll see what I mean.

What say you, BB&W Crew?