My 100% Pure Haircare Stash Is Getting a Little Cray…

Anybody who’s read this blog long enough knows I’m a product junkie…like…it’s a real problem. In my defense, I long buy the good stuff. But I’ve been stacking up the shampoos and conditioners from 100% Pure Cosmetics and absolutely loving them! I can hardly decide which is my favorite, because all of them are leaving my hair soft, detangled, shiny and I’m seeing a reduction in breakage.


I love that the main ingredients for all of these starts with a base of aloe vera and rose hydrosol. Aloe vera is a natural detangled and moisturizer, and rose water is a natural antiseptic and hydrates and lends shine to the hair. Further, each of the formulas contain natural herbs and oils that really respond well on my kinks and curls, as well as my little one, who has fine, 1b/1c hair. Last week was picture day, and I used the Burdock & Neem Healthy Scalp Shampoo 13 oz  and Burdock & Neem Healthy Scalp Conditioner 13 oz on her  and she couldn’t keep her hands out of her hair, and told all her friends a school to feel how soft and fluffy it was!

The magic for me also happens when my hair dries. After I condition under a plastic cap for about an hour, I practice the L.O.C. method, using a leave in conditioner, monoi oil, and a style cream (see video). I don’t have to do anything further (e.g. blow dry, tension stretch) to better style and manipulate my hair, which means less breakage and more growth retention.


My hair today after it air dried.

If you’re looking for a non-stripping shampoo, I highly recommend the Honey & Virgin Coconut Shampoo 13 oz. I used it to day and it got all the goop out! I followed with a second wash using the Moisturizing shampoo, and deep conditioned with the Grow More Conditioner, which has some ah-mazing ingredients, like biotin and caffeine.


(Yes. Yes I know. I’m a total PJ)


But if you’re interested in the products, you better hop to it. There’s a ton that are getting sold out and I called the company and they said they won’t be able to replenish until June. But go over and check out the rave reviews–they’re not lying! lol

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