5 Beauty Hacks for the Holidays

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cut your crease like the instagram models, wear that bright red lipstick you’ve been itching to wear, or bake your face? Well today I want to share with you some beauty hacks to some of the holidays most gorgeous beauty looks!

Cut Your Crease with a Spoon!

Wonder how these insta models have amazing cut creases well that may have some skills but you have a spoon! Yep get a spoon out and cut that crease! Get a darker color and add it to your crease then blend out and softened with other shades. (Check out this tutorial)

Make Your Lips Look Whiter with Red Lipstick!

Don’t have time to buy a whitening teeth kit why not try brighter teeth with bright lipstick! This is the perfect time of the year to rock red lipsticks! Go for blue-based colors instead of yellow-based colors!

To get kissable lips for the mistletoe, get a tooth brush!

Yep, brush your teeth with a clean toothbrush to get rid of dead skin. In the winter your lips get chapped and cracked counteract that with exfoliation. You don’t necessarily need lip scrubs all you need is a cheap toothbrush! Plus it aids in plumping the lips for a short period of time!

Glitter Nails!

Have you ever seen those glitter nails on pinterest that looks completely perfect! Well look no further because all you need is your favorite glitter nail polish and a wedge makeup sponge. All you have to do is apply the base coat as normal, then apply the nail polish onto the edge of a makeup sponge and dab the sponge onto your nail. The sponge soaks up the actual liquid part of the nail polish and leaves behind just the glitter! Cool Right! Apply a top coat and you are good to go! (Check out this tutorial)

Bake the Face!

To keep your makeup lasting longer use translucent powder to set your face. I myself don’t like to leave powder on my face I like to just put it on and brush it off just because I have dryer skin. However if you have oilier skin bake your face and leave on for 5-10 minutes. (Check out this tutorial)

So which one do you want to try for the holidays?! For me I definitely want to try the cut crease would you like to see a Beauty Look on that for a New Years Makeup Tutorial?

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