5 Tips to Make Your Online Dating Profile Shine

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Today’s dating world is vastly different than it was even ten or fifteen years ago. No longer do we rely on our friends to fix us up with that perfect someone, or hope to catch a handsome stranger’s eye in the produce section at the supermarket. While these scenarios still do take place, the vast majority of singles now meet online.

The world of online dating has become a global phenomenon. Websites exist for the express purpose of introducing singles of all types and ages, and with all types of interests. With so many different types of sites, it can feel difficult to choose the best online dating site for you.

Regardless of which site you choose your profile if the key to your success. It’s not necessarily about beating out the competition; it’s about presenting your true self in the best way possible so the type of person you’re interesting in dating learns enough about you to be intrigued.

If you’ve found the best dating site for you and your interests, but are still struggling with your online dating profile, these five tips can help you stand out and up your chances of landing a great first date.

1. Wisely Choose Your Profile Photos

People love to say that looks aren’t everything, but in the world of online dating your photos are the most important part of your profile. These photos need to be recent, they should not be selfies, and don’t dismiss the idea of hiring a professional photographer for a brief session. A professionally shot and edited photo can be the best weapon in your online dating profile.

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Be sure to smile genuinely. Some experts say that a true smile is much more attractive than a sexy pout or other staged pose. You want your true energy to shine through in your photo.

2. Create a Captivating Headline

After your photo, your headline is the next thing that catches a person’s eye. This is your chance to grab someone’s attention with just a few words. Unfortunately, for many people this is the most difficult part of creating a profile, as you’re generally limited to a few words.

Be creative, be funny, and be sassy. Try to capture your own unique personality in a clever way. Use punchy words and don’t be afraid to be bold.

3. Be Very Specific

When it comes time to write your self-description it’s best to be as specific as possible. Aside from your personal information such as height, hair, eye color, and body type which is important, your potential date will be most interested in learning more about who you are.

Describe your likes, hobbies, and activities in detail. If you love to travel, mention some of your favorite places and what makes them special. If you like to cook, be sure to describe your favorite types of cuisine. The more specific information you can provide the more connected the other person will feel to you, even from the other side of the screen.

4. Avoid Clichés

If you find it difficult to write about yourself, you’re not alone. Even professional writers can have a hard time finding the words when writing a bio. The key here is to avoid clichéd phrases and to use a conversational tone.

Feel free to describe yourself in the form of a story. This doesn’t have to be a life story, but use the tone you would if you telling a stranger about yourself. Keep it fun and informative, but don’t use terms like “partner in crime” or “walks on the beach.” Everyone uses those phrases and you want to stand out.

5. Keep It Short

One of the pitfalls of online dating is the fact that most people have a short attention span when it comes to reading. Whether it’s a news story or a dating profile, if it’s too long many people won’t read to the end.

Try to keep your description as short as possible without sacrificing pertinent information. Three-hundred words is a great target, and your preferred online dating site may give you a word limit anyway. Regardless, be forthright, descriptive, and upbeat within a tight word limit and you’ll knock it out of the park.

Online dating is a great way to meet potential partners, but you have to be creative and savvy with your profile to capture the attention of the people you want to meet. Use these profile tips and your next first date could be an inbox click away.

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