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6 Ways To Improve Your Self-Esteem

If you haven’t realized it, self-esteem affects every part of our lives. It decides what jobs or promotions we go for, who we choose to date or marry, or even whether we’re able to speak up at functions and group gatherings. Our internal critic can wreak havoc on our self-esteem. Instead of telling us about our strengths, it exploits our weaknesses and leaves us feeling weak and drained. Check out these ways that will help you improve your self-esteem and quality of life.
1. Water: There’s a reason everyone is always talking about drinking water. It may not be on the top five most flavorful drinks, but water has benefits that aid our system in keeping it balanced and running optimally. Published studies have confirmed that drinking water improves your mood, aids in weight loss, prevents headaches, makes skin glow and flushes bacteria out of our system. When you feel your mood starting to change, exchange water for your regular drink and experience its many benefits.
2. What Are You Saying To Yourself: It’s very important that you tune into your inner critic and bring the “lie to the light.” A great technique is to write down one of your self-defeating beliefs and then ask yourself, “What if this were true?” Then, write down the answer underneath that. Continue this process until you’ve gotten to the core of what’s really bothering you. It’s hard to heal when you don’t really understand what you need to heal from.
 Young woman doing tummy crunches
3. Exercise: The joys of exercise! We may not like pushing ourselves through a hard workout but no one can deny that the endorphins that surge through your body after a great workout make you feel awesome! Exercise naturally lifts our mood and the added benefit of weight loss is another awesome perk.
4. Here Comes The Sun: Get outside and go bask in the sun. When you’re in the sun, your body produces more serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep, appetite, memory and mood. Enjoy in moderation and don’t forget your sunblock!
5. Mantra: Find a phrase that empowers you and makes you feel good about yourself! Purposely carve time out of your day to repeat this phrase to yourself over and over again. Even if you don’t believe it at first, if you keep at it, you will. Program yourself to think the way you want to think about yourself. I’ve found that when I do it before bed, it helps me to have peaceful sleep.
6. What Are You Watching/Who Are You Listening To?: I know many people think that you can just read anything and watch anything, but please know that the images that you view/hear everyday affect you in either a positive or negative way. When your mood starts to change, put on some uplifting music and only associate with people who have love and compassion for you. Sometimes just having someone hear you out without judgment can drastically improve your mood. Everyone needs good friends to help them through trying times.
So what did you think of this list? Do you have any others you’d like to add? What helps you out when you’re feeling down on yourself? Let me know in the comments.
Emerald Lavender is a Marketing Copywriter and Freelance Fashion & Lifestyle Writer. If you’re curious to know more, check out her wild and crazy (yeah right) musings at Pink Balloons For Lunch!
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