7 Natural Body-Beautifying Products Every Black Woman Should Know

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Seaweed Bath Co. Detox Body Wash & Body Cream

The Seaweed Bath Co. came on the scene a few years ago and I was lucky enough to catch them on the ground level. Since the first run of products, the company has expanded to include specialized body care and a quite impressive line of facial products. This body wash has an amazing lather despite being SLS free and won’t leave you feeling all dried out. It has a light lemon smell with some mint notes. Both the wash and cream a full of vitamins and antioxidants, and seaweed extracts said to help in skin concerns like eczema and psoriasis.

Bare Republic ClearScreen

What a joy…a natural sunscreen that won’t leave us chocolate girls looking gray and pasty! Bare Republic is an offshoot of spa-favorite COOLA, and costs about half the price. The gel gives sun protection while leaving the skin looking smooth and glowing. Be sure you pick the ClearScreen line; the Avoid the Mineral Sport Sunscreen SPF 40 spray however–you’ll encounter the same gray residue if your skin is dark.

OKAY Pure Naturals has a ton of great quality body care products and really have some wonderful leave-in conditioners. Because I’m a lemon-lover, their line of lemongrass-scented essential oil, castor oil and body scrubs smell absolutely delicious. I use the castor oil on my hair and use the shea butter-based scrub AFTER the shower, slough off the grains and leaves my skin smooth, hydrated and lightly fragranced. I use the lemongrass essential oil as a perfume. I smell like sunshine!

The Skinny Company is the only coconut oil on the market that is wild harvested, hand pressed, small batched, never heated, 100% raw, 100% virgin, and 100% without chemicals and solvents. I use the coconut oil-based sugar scrub as a lip exfoliator. The ingredients are so pure you can eat them–and I do. I scrub every time I have a sweet tooth. Rather a little raw coconut sugar than than a pint of ice cream!

Part of the reason I started using body washes was because bar soaps were so incredibly drying–even the natural ones. Soapcreek made the list because they use all natural ingredients and make the soap the old fashioned way. Forget about the artistic design–the scents are heavenly, they give a great lather and don’t leave my skin feeling tight and thirsty. Ingredients are simple: Coconut, Rice Bran, Olive, Palm, and Castor, Aloe Vera Juice, French Clay, French Lavender Essential Oil (for pic above).

Mineral Fusion Overnight Renewal

We’re majorly crushing on the nighttime treatment, especially. It’s like getting a mini-facial while you sleep. It contains glycolic acid and pineapple fruit enzyme to exfoliate, brighten, and even skin tone. It goes on light with a non-greasy feel, and I like to follow up with the Recover Face Cream for more exfoliation and peptides, and goes on so silky and smooth and moisturized just enough, and is a good option if you prefer a lighter-feeling night cream instead of a heavier, oiler one. Great for combination skin.

Beyond Black & White has has a long love affair with Neocell. This company is committed to providing the best products for those who seek beauty from the inside out. I’ve watched with delight at how the company has risen to the top-selling collagen supplement on the market, because I know for a fact it works. Now that I’m in my forties, collagen production in my body declines, which could lead to sagging skin, stunted hair growth, and creaky, inflexible joints. Neocell has literally been a miracle worker in these areas for me. I use the powder in my smoothies, and the pills and chews on the days I don’t.

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