Aaron Hernandez Gets Life, and What a Freaking Fail.


As I read the accounts of today’s conviction of Aaron Hernandez, former New England Patriots tight end-come newly appointed felon, I can’t help but think how big a dumb ass this man was. Hernandez was convicted of several counts of first degree murder for shooting Odia Lloyd. He and two goons lured Lloyd out to a remote area and killed him, possibly to avenge a perceived slight against his girlfriend’s sister.

From CNN:

Prosecutors say Lloyd was seen June 17, 2013, around 2:30 a.m. with Hernandez and Hernandez’s friends, Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace, in a rented silver Nissan Altima. Later that day, a jogger found his body riddled with gunshots.

The prosecution portrayed Hernandez as cold, calculating and insecure — a man who believed others should be grateful for his attention, one capable of murder for merely disrespecting him in the presence of others.

Prosecutor William McCauley asked jurors: What was Hernandez talking about a day after Lloyd’s bullet-riddled body was found at a Massachusetts industrial park? “‘My endorsements are gone,'” Hernandez said, according to McCauley. “He’s not talking about Odin.”

Unbelievable. The next day Hernandez was chilling by the pool while his girl made smoothies for him and his boys. She later dumped a box which most likely contained the never-discovered murder weapon and his behest.

This man had just landed a $40 million contract by the Patriots, had a girlfriend and baby who adored him, and he threw it all away so he could behave like a complete and utter thug. And you know what? This was planned a premeditated, not something out of passion, which leads me to wonder if this man has done similar crimes but just never got caught. This man is capable of KILLING someone because of some perceived slight or disrespect. What is that? A dual at high noon at the O.K. Corral would have been more honorable–at least it would have given the other guy a fighting chance.

Look at what this man gave up…



So sad that no matter how much money you have, you can’t fix stupid.

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