Alicia Keys Vows To Never Wear Makeup. Are You Feeling It?

Yes, ya’ll. Alicia Keys has seen the light! After much introspection and meditation, Keys has decided that she will no longer wear makeup. You know; because the pressures to be beautiful are just too great with women and girls, and they should just be free to be their authentic selves. Sound good, right?

Hmmm…this, says the woman who’s lightness and hair texture mad her the most coveted type of woman black men seek to attain while still “keeping it black.” The woman with chiseled features and a cute little upturned nose and near-perfect symmetry. A woman who’s securely married and a mother. Oh yes–how easy is it for you to go sans makeup.


When a married woman decides she doesn’t want to wear makeup, and encourages others who don’t posses the same physical assets, wealth, and relationship status, don’t be surprised if folks are going to question it.

The use of makeup is not a product of an evil capitalist system–we’ve been using color to beautify ourselves nearly since we walked started walking on two feet. It has been a tool to communicate social status and attract the opposite sex. More personally, make up has allowed people who had little confidence come out of their shell. Women who have been disfigured from burns, terrible acne, or deformities and used makeup to feel like they can go outside in public without people staring and gawking.

And let’s be honest–the only way this no makeup thing could really take off is if every woman followed suit to even the playing field. And since women are competitive, fat chance of that happening. She who wears the Ruby Woo wins the man. Not to mention that if you’re going without makeup, you skin better be damn near perfect.

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What say you? You feeling the no makeup thing?

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