“Allure” Magazine Poll Reveals the Obvious–Black Women Age Well.

Allure magazine polled 2,000 women and men about aging and learned that 86% of the African-American participants believed they age the best (only 81% of Asians, 53% of Hispanics/Latinos and 46% of Whites/Caucasians answered that way about their ethnic group).

And unlike the (now infamous) poll about black women having a better physical self image than their white counterparts despite the fact that 80% of us are technically overweight, this poll is based not on delusion, but reality. What people fail to mention is that many black women glean that esteem not in a vacuum, but because men like Sir Mix-a-Lot glorifies the extra pounds. While there’s nothing wrong with a round rump, just know most men like to see a waistline to occompany it.

"Black women look 16 until they're 80," says David Flint, who prefers dating black women.

“Black women look 16 until they’re 80,” says David Flint, who prefers dating women of color, but also perfers a woman to be fit and a healthy weight.

I recently had a conversation with a white, male friend of mine, David Flint, who prefers the looks of darker-skinned women, jokingly tell me that “Black women look 16 until they’re like, 80.”

I wouldn’t go that far, but I’d say he’s on to something–black women (and darker skinned women in general) have thicker skin, stronger collagen connections, and less sun damage than their fiar-skinned counterparts. Not to brag, but I’ll be 40 this year and I still get carded for alcohol. Regularly.

Allure, do us a favor…let us have this. This is not delusion, this is a truism.

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