Dating & Marrying Ethnic Men

Another Letter From an Asian Guy…

Got this letter today, and it warmed my heart. Be encouraged!
I enjoy reading your site. |I saw your last article on potentially throwing in the towel on Asian men. Well, I am here to ask all black  women, please don’t.
I am an south Indian male, born in |India but brought up in the West Indies since I was 6months.  I am very proud of my south indian heritage, ,the language,music, ,that will never change ,and yes if we are going to generalize here, Iam extremely close to my parents.
But the fact that I was brought up in the Caribbean means my south indian dna has mutated. I grew in in an environment where 90% of the population are black. I was one of the only four non black people in school. The best times of my life, I was never abused,

I had the best childhood. |I guess it was natural that |I would gravitate to black women. There are still many indian men out there, who want to meet an and settle down with an intelligent, strong willed and sexy black woman for life. Maybe for some of us we are a product of our environment.
Ladies don’t give up on us yet. We are here to stay. and we just want to make you happy and see the that 600  megawatt smile.
Blessings- proud indian/west-indian
Blasian Love
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