Another Possible TV Swirl Coupling? Danai Gurira Joins Cast of “Walking Dead”

I’m always fascinated by zombie shows. Walking corpses that cover about 1/100 of a mile and healthy, strapping humans are still running? Use them ugly mofos for target practice!

Which leads me to the natural-haired, mocha-skinned beauteous actress, Danai Gurira, who joins season three of the Walking Dead. (Thanks Ivan, my Spaniard, who posted this news on my Facebook wall). Gurira plays the role of Michionne, the fan favorite character from the comic book (what comic book? people still read comic books?) on which the series is based. Since I don’t know what the heck happens in the comic book, I have no idea if this character actually has a love life amidst stabbing zombies in the eyeballs, but apparently the producers are taking some creative license, so we can only hope.

As an aside, I’ve been peeped her out on IMDBpro, and I’m seeing quite a bit of pictures with her and this hottie:

Danai Gurira and Haaz Sleiman

He’s on Nurse Jackie. Apparently there were some rumblings that he might be gay (because he plays one on TEE VEE), so he came out…as straight. What a swirl–Gurira’s parents are from Zimbabwe and Sleiman is Lebanese.

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