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Anybody Find Love Through Online Gaming or Apps?

It’s just something I’ve been chewing on for awhile. And since February is the commercially-appointed month of luv, I’m curious if there’s some unique ways you can find love online besides the date sites and Facebook. It’s entirely possible, right? Take eight-year-old Clo Clo for instance. She is addicted to Club Penguin and virtually hangs out with other kids all over the world, so she tells me. I was a little concerned about Philippe’05, who kept following my daughter’s avitar into igloos. She’s all, “Me and Philippe are getting a place together! We’re both collecting enough money to buy furniture.” And then I’m all, “Who is Philippe? Tell him you don’t shack up with anybody unless he puts a ring on it.” And then she’s all, “Put a ring on what?” And then I’m all, “Don’t you have Beyonce on your Ipod? Whatever, tell Philippe to get his own igloo and come downstairs and get this math work done.”

It got me to thinking–if Clo Clo and Philippe’o5 can make a connection, I’m wondering if young adults, zombie-like in their internet gaming addictions, have found their truth loves. And if so, what do they do when they finally hook up? Do they still engage in e-battles of blood and gore on separate laptops while nestled together on the loveseat? Do they take breaks and actually make out and stuff?

And what type of rainbeau games online? Asian? Caucasian? Indian? African? Who he be? Do we even care? Could be he might be laying up living in somebody’s igloo somewhere.

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