Anyone Know a Good Rifle Salesman?

Maxi-Me and I went to an event down in San Diego hosted by the BlogHer peeps. It was at a Paul Mitchell salon, so they were offering free hair-do’s, manicures by CDC, facials by Dermalogica and make-up by Stila.

Maxi-Me wanted to get her hair done, since school starts next week, and really couldn’t happen soon enough, because my house has been a insane asylum in training for the passed eight weeks. Anthony, one of the hairdressors took one look at her and volunteered for the task. In my mind, I’m looking at all these white ladies in the chair, and I’m like “Can you even handle this head full of sandy-brown kinks and curls?”

It was hilarious, because at one point that had three people working on her at once.

Then I thought I saw some sweat beads coming up on Anthony’s head when he was blow-drying.

Then he got in his groove…

And THEN! Drum roll, please…

The whole salon was fawning all over her. Couldn’t believe she was only 13.5. Hell, I can’t believe she’s 13.5.

Which leads me to the initial question…

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