Are Black Women More “Submissive” to White Men?

There’s a lot of salty complaints from men of our culture who say that black women magically become more feminine when they are paired with white men. When a non-black man enters the picture, black women miraculously start floating across a room and giggling like school girls. This must be “proof” of the inherent bed-wenchery of black women who after all, “sold out the black race in the 1960’s for WIC and welfare.

Boy, we must really suck.

Or not.

Think about the masculine energy you need to navigate in the inner city. Girly women who wear dresses, smile, and speak softly become easy marks for a whole host of abuse. Then consider that the majority of households in the black community are led by women who never married the fathers and have to both mother and father while working themselves to the bone just to keep the lights on. Let’s not even discuss that 60% of black women are molested by a family member or someone in close proximity and access to them before the age of 18. With all that going on, it’s a little (a lot) difficult to be soft and dainty. “Soft and dainty” will get you got.

So let’s explore the REAL reason black women act differently with non-black men, then meet me in the comments to discuss!

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