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Attention Atlanta Peeps! Join Me For No-Holds-Barred Discussion About Black Women and Relationships!

If you don’t live in Atlanta, I’m so sorry you’ll be missing this. Because on September 28, we’re holding a NEKKID discussion about what relationship issues specifically plague African American women in Atlanta.  The topics are so juicy you’ll temporarily reconsider your slavishness to the “Real Housewives” franchise. Sponsored by ONYX and, we’ll tackle the following issues:

–Is the Black Church keeping women of color single? Is it a “conspiracy”?

–Does the issue of men outnumbering women in Atlanta REALLY have an impact on women of color and their dating choices?

–Why do so many groups have an issue with women of color dating outside of their race or culture? Why is there a problem with women of color expanding their dating horizon?
Have public opinion and views on IR (interracial)/IC (intercultural) relationships in the South REALLY changed?

–Do White Men get “backlash” from their families and peers for dating women of color? Does it affect their job or their ability to “move up” in their company if their wife/significant other is a woman of color?

–Are expectations too “high” when entering an IR/IC relationship? Does it take more “work” to make these relationships succeed?
Do spiritual views have a greater impact on IR/IC relationships than those of the same race?

–Do some women of color view white men as their “savior” and seek to date/marry white men for financial security and not love?

–Why do some women/men “sabotage” themselves by being needy, playing “games” or displaying “stalkerish” tendencies in a new relationship? Why can’t they get of that “baggage”?

–Why do some women/men consider a first date a readymade relationship?

–Are there REALLY “mixed signals” or do some people use that as an excuse to “hold on” to an eligible person?

–Why do some women/men have such low self esteem and such low self worth that they willingly “share” a man/woman? Or date a man/woman that’s “suspect” (i.e. on the “down low, abusive, etc)

–Why do some women act with such jealousy towards other women of color who have a mate that’s another race? Or have a mate PERIOD?

–Why can’t women of color come together and support each other in true “sisterhood”?
Why is it some men have NO problem approaching women but others do?

–What changes can YOU make within YOURSELF to insure that you achieve and maintain a happy, healthy, loving relationship?

You’d better hurry up and RSVP, because I have a feeling the place is gonna be packed to the hilt. For more details, click here.

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