Battle of the Baby Bumps: Who’s Doing it Better, Janet or Blak China?

Of course you knew we were going to report on news that Janet Jackson and Blak China are preggers with their respective partners. Janet, who is two weeks shy of her 50th birthday, cancelled her world concert tour so she and her husband can focus on starting a family. My guess is that with her advanced age, her doctors are instructing her not to put much physical stress on her body, and she may even be put on extended bed rest and on some type of hormone therapy to maintain the pregnancy. But since she’s married to a billionaire and she herself is worth millions, I don’t think it will be much of a hardship for her to lay in a pillow bed eating grapes and being fanned by the help.

Blak Chyna has also announced how she and Rob Kardashian are elated by the news that she’s expecting her second child, soon to be a baby mama twice over. I guess the struggle raising Tyga’s offspring and being pushed aside by the pubescent Kylie Jenner wasn’t enough to deter her from getting knocked up before the man who is clearly smitten married her.

For me, this is a clear distinction between two interracially paired black women–one with poise, grace, and self-respect plans her family, and one who is clearly comfortable with ratchet dysfunction. And don’t think little girls in Compton and Detroit aren’t looking at her and saying, “See?!!”

Oh I know what you’re thinking. Kim Kardashian was able to maintain her supremacy as a Hollywood tartelette even when she got pregnant with Kanye’s child while still married, had her baby, and then married him. Sorry to burst your bubble, but in America Chyna isn’t even close to being in the same league.

So what’s your take on all this swirly news?

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