BB&W’s First Healthy Hair Growth Challenge!

I think Dr. Phoenyx Austin’s hair has inspired me, because gosh knows I WANTS it. I’ve been doing the natural hair thing pretty much exclusively after a braider chopped off three inches of my hair without my knowledge (I was mid back at the time–the longest my hair had EVER been).

After that, I was taking my hair into my own hands. I’ve had a few advances and a few setbacks but I think I have this hair thing down. But now I’m ready to step it up a notch and challenge myself to getting to mid-back by the summer. Is this even possible? I’m hoping so. I’m really gung-ho about the Belegenza line, which is why I host their ad–I don’t endorse any product on this site that I don’t stand behind. So rest assured that you will never see ads for KOOL cigarettes or Night Train.

Here’s a little overview of the line:

My goal is to get back what that jealous(?) hairdresser took from me and get my mid-back length back, and then it’s on to waist length before I’m FO-TAY (40 if you don’t understand ebonics). I’m all about dispelling myths, so I’m about to bust the one about black women not being able to grow their own dayum hair. PLEEZE, leave the Indian Yaki tribe alone!! How many bald Indians did it take to get your weave right, chica?!

Sure; they’ll ask me if I’m “mixed with anything,” and then I’ll say, “Yes. Sugar and spice and everything nice.”

Here’s where I am now. The Hubster says I’m about three inches from mid-back:

Who’s with me? Tell me what products and practices YOU’RE using to grow your hair, and I just might bootleg them off you.

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