Beauty: All About Hair…Unbe-weave-able??

I have never been a big fan of wearing weaves and wigs. Mostly because I take borderline-obsessive dedication to growing my own hair, much like the grandma grows her heirloom tomatoes, sprinkling the soil with bat sh!t.

But also because weave hair just looks so…shiny. Kind of like this:

She's a cute girl, aside from the hair hat...

So when the folks at Milani Hair asked me to present their product to the BB&W crew, I was a bit skeptical at first. But what piqued my interest was that this product is snap on, snap off, kind of like you’re mom’s earrings. So I thought, what the heck? I don’t have to have the hair practically surgically implanted through braids and stitches, and I can take my hair off at night like Aunt Rubie takes out her teeth and drops them in that one glass that you would never, ever, drink out of.

You can do it yourself, but I was thinking I wanted to get it cut so that it would at least fool somebody, so I booked an appointment with Miss Ethel, my hairdresser. But funny thing happened once she put it in–she said it looked so good she didn’t think I should cut it.

Here’s Miss Ethel putting it in:

It kinda looks like a sew in, huh? But it's not--just combs and clips. It's made from Remy hair, which I guess means that you can abuse it just as much as your own hair.

Finished product--"look Ma, no tracks!"

Pay absolutely NO ATTENTION to the fact that I have on no makeup.

Strange. I had an INCREDIBLE urge to put my hair (both fake and real) in braids and say, “Hau, White Man. Me, Pocahontas.”

But the hairdressers just gushed! Frankly it was a little embarrassing that such seasoned weavologists could get so excited about new fake hair. You’d think they’d seen it all, but all of them were scribbling down the name of the company and Miss Ethel tore the website address right off the package, without even asking me first!

So tomorrow I got a big social media mixer to go to. I’ll report back to see if “weavies” really do have more fun.

UPDATE: Here’s me about to leave for my meeting. I pincurled it to give it a little more body:

So what do you guys think? Real, or unbe-weave-able?

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