Beauty: Make-Up Genius, Tanisha Everett Shows Us How Not to Look Like Burt from Sesame Street.

Remember him? Check that epic uni:

Now my problem is the EXACT opposite. I have scraggley eyebrows with gaps of bald. I have to color mine in to look decent. So since I suck at the eyebrow thing, time for Tanisha to take the reigns again.

Take it away, T!


Tanisha Everett

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

In recent decades the movement towards ultra thin eyebrows took the world by storm and started in the seats of Vietnamese eyebrow shapers across the U.S. Everyone woman, depending on bone structure looked either like the 1920s film starlet Clara Bow or someone in constant state of surprise.

Personally, I believe those Vietnamese eyebrow shapers knew what they were doing. They were making American women look ridiculous on purpose. It was their way of getting back at America for the Vietnam War–at least that is what I tell my Vietnamese friends who think I am a comedian–I am an equal opportunity comedian, I like to insult everyone without impunity.

Today I am here to actually show you how to truly shape your own eyebrows so that you will not keep up this charade of perma-botox and overplucked eyebrows. Think of your face as a picture. A picture is not complete without a frame. Your eyebrows are the frame. If the frame is missing your face looks uneven, unfinished, and bare. Your eyebrows usually are the main focal point on your face besides your lips. Yes the eyes are the windows to the soul but the eyebrows are the doorway.

Shaping or drawing in your eyebrows is not a hard task. First, when filling in your brows or drawing them in–for those of us who have non-existent eyebrows due to genetics or other issues–you should use a color that is one shade lighter than your hair. Mac Cosmetics brow pencils are fantastic for this but if you have super duper oily skin try using eyeshadows that fall under the above color guidelines.

To shape your eyebrows or fill them in, take your brow pencil and lay it parallel to the inside of your nose and eyes. Your eyebrow should begin here.

Second, turn the pencil clockwise to form a line through the iris of your eyes and center of your pupil. This is where your arch should be.

Lastly, continue rotating the pencil to form a line that goes through where eyes end. This is where your eyebrow–the thinnest part– should end.

Clean up the arch area using tweezers or disposable eyebrow shaper razors and this should give you perfect eyebrows like this.

If you have more almond shape eyes your eyebrows should be a bit thicker than the above.

PSSSTTT! It’s Chris here. If you don’t have any eyebrows to trim, you might try some of the eyelash and eyebrow growth serums out there. I’m using Neulash right now, and dagnabbit, it works. Too bad it’s $85 a pop. What’s the going market for cute children these days? šŸ˜‰

Anyone know of any other growth LATISSTE-like facial hair growers?

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