Beauty Thursday with a Twist! KORRES Lends a Hand to NWNW!

As long as we’ve been together m’ladies, I know how much you are love getting your freebies. This will not be one of those. Rather, think of it as sort of a discount sale. KORRES, one of the absolute best make-up and skin care lines in the world (don’t believe me? Look at the reviews).

They have graciously donated a boatload of items for your consumption, in exchange for some help in us reaching our “Map Your Future” $5,000 goal to kick-start the program so we can pay the computer nerds to set up the platform. Right now Ning is looking pretty good, because you can set up video chat, personal pages, forums and instant messaging. However, we’ll have to build the new NWNW website from the ground up.

So…I thought, why not incorporate fundraising with my favorite past time, a fire sale, like the ones at Wal*Mart at 4AM after Thanksgiving, minus the crowds and stuff. Because KORRES has given these items to me gratis, I can gift them at a discount in exchange for donations at our fundraising page over yonder at Go Fund Me.

KORRES Basil Lemon Shower Gel

Retail Value: $19.50

Minimum Donation: $10 and it’s yours with $1.00 shipping

**Rule: First person to REPLY to this post with a bid, gets it. Then we move on to the next products**

Donate direct to

Creamy-foam showergel with hydrating ingredients that provides a lasting moisturizing effect and helps to maintain natural moisture level of the skin. Has a green spice of dazzling freshness with a vibrant lemon zest touch.

Fresh, citrus


_Provides a moisturizing effect and helps maintain the natural moisture level of the skin.
_Contains emollients and humectants to leave the skin soft, smooth and feeling moisturized.

We only have one to give away. Will it be you?

If you don’t make this one, there’s more to come. Lots more.

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