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Beware the Terriorism of ‘Blackistan!’


Terrorist: a person who terrorizes  or frightens others.

Terror: The use of such fear to intimidate people, esp. for political reasons

I hate to say it, but why does it seem that the biggest terrorists in Blackistan are females? I know there are some who will respond to this post with a long tirade of “black women have it hard”,  “black women need to catch a break”,  “black women have enough to deal with  without being jumped on for every little thing”or some form defense to which I respond EXACTLY  so back to the heart of my original question, why do black women make it harder on themselves and others by engaging in acts of terrorism towards other black women? I know there are plenty of Blackistani males who inflict their own damage but I want to focus on the females because their contribution can be more damaging.  The “terrorist” acts take different forms with one goal in mind, to keep women from leaving Blackistan in mind, in body, or both and to remind her she is nothing special.

Some of the acts of terror are as follows:

1. Attacking a black woman’s success by tearing her down in some way.

When Gabby Douglas won 2 gold medals in gymnastics at the 2012 Olympics the dominating comments on twitter were not in celebration of her success, but to criticize her hair and her failure (in their shallow opinion) to represent black women properly. If you think these were just teen girls, guess again the good number of posts I read were from adult women including one who prided herself in being a pre-med student on the path to great achievement. I found the whole situation disgusting! All the hard work and dedication this young lady and her family invested in her to achieve this great accomplishment and all these shallow women can do is harp about her hair! However, this is not an isolated incident. I see black women who are striving for excellence constantly being torn down not just through insults verbal and written, but other methods as well including economic terrorism. What do I mean by that? Many (not all) “Blackistani” women will not support other black women in business, they will boycott her products and/or services because their jealousy will not allow them to support or celebrate her success. If that will not work they will nit pick or find fault with what she has to offer to discourage others from supporting her. If they find a use for her products or services to their benefit, they will use emotional extortion to try to manipulate her into letting them have access to her products or services for free or at a heavily discounted price which will hurt her profit margin making it nearly impossible for her to re-invest in her business. If she should stand firm in what she charges for her product or service, phrases like “oh come on help a sista out”, or “who do you think you are?” are leveled at her and if she decides to make her products more appealing to people outside the “compound”, she is accused of selling out or forgetting where she came from.

In the workplace, it is no better, and in my personal 30 year work history my worst bosses and co-workers were Blackistani females. This is not a sweeping accusation against all black women in corporate America that is why I said “my personal experience” because I know someone will comment and counter my statement with defenses of “I have never experienced that” or some variation of that statement. I have worked in different environments over the last 30 years and I have dealt with bad behavior in all races, but the Blackistani women in those environments always stood out and they always seemed to go out of their way to make it hard on each other in one way or another and I could not understand why. I worked in an office at a bank with all Blackistani women. I tried  to do my work and stay to myself. These women constantly ganged up on me criticizing my work, my hair and my clothes and the manager was the one leading the charge! I finally got out of there, but it left an impression on my mind at how much anger, fear and insecurity which is at the root of a lot of this behavior and greatly hinders what black women could achieve if these factors were not in the way.

2. Making attempts to put  black women who speak proper English, have “non-black” interests ( rock music, are goth,opera, etc.), behave with politeness, or are bi-racial in a position to make them   “prove”  they are genuinely  “black”  (whatever that means).

Logan West, Miss Teen USA 2012  is a beautiful bi-racial young woman who was bullied in school by a female classmate for not “acting her color”. She said for about a period of 9 months she lost her sense of worth and identity. After she found her footing again, she set up an anti-bullying program that became her platform when she was crowned Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen 2010 and when she recently won the Teen USA title.

One of my friends was  constantly being chased home from school when she was young by a pack of black girls who were screaming “you think you are better than us”. My friend is fair skinned with shoulder length hair. Girls were constantly threatening to beat her up because of how she looked. Another friend of mine was mockingly called “Miss Sophisticated” by her female peers because she spoke well and carried herself like a lady, and yet another friend of mine caught grief from female relatives because she enjoyed classical music. This constant  harassment that Blackistani women inflict on other black women is destructive and I cannot understand why they see another woman’s looks, choices and/or behavior that is different from their own as such a threat that they feel the need to bully and harass these women to the point they are constantly put on the defensive. Then these same women have the audacity to get angry when the women they are terrorizing reach their breaking point and start fighting back.

3. Throwing women and girls into the volcano as a “sacrifice” to protect DBR men and boys.

When the news reported about  an 11 year old girl was gang raped by 17 men, the voice of outrage was not heard, instead Blackistani women were saying in unison, “she was probably fast anyway.” In the movie “Woman thou art loosed”, the main character, a troubled young woman was 9 when her mother’s boyfriend raped her. When she told her mother, her mother accused her of lying, being fast and punished her. Recently a star basketball player headed for college, was sentenced to three years for violently  beating up his ex-girlfriend. The crying and sobbing from the black women in the courtroom was not for the girl, but for the young man. In some black sororities, the “sisters” will take one of the freshmen girls in their sorority  over to a black fraternity house where she will be gang raped. School officials know this goes on, but pay off families to keep it a secret. The men are never arrested or expelled.

I have story after story where Blackistani women help to damage and destroy black women and girls because of this perverted loyalty to DBR men. One of the main justifications for covering up this horrible behavior is “they don’t want to put another black man in jail,” or “we gotta stand by our men.”  The only black men that do not deserve to be in jail are the ones who have committed no crimes to be there! In all honesty the women who abate and assist these criminals should occupy the very cells they “spared” a DBR from at the expense of a woman or girls life.

4. Bullying and harassing women who do not want to be brood mares ( having kids with DBR men to “preserve” the black race), a pack mule (to carry the black community’s burdens for the sake of the “struggle”), or reject this false notion of black love ( directed at swirlers) with the accusation they are betraying their race

These Blackistani women keep trying to sell black women a bridge that does not exist by encouraging them to drink the Kool-Aid. They try to brainwash women with the notion that doing these things is for the greater good of the community and that in the end they will be rewarded for giving their wombs, backs and hearts for “the cause”. HOGWASH!! The only thing these women will have if they accept that nonsense is a wasted womb, a broken back,broken heart and any woman who listens to them is setting themselves up and they will have no one to blame but themselves. They have to get away from these women and drown out the the lies they are spouting, their lives are at stake!

Some of the famous Blackistani women who support this foolishness do not serve as a good example but they are always in black magazines  and singing in the concerts spouting the black love rhetoric and support and sacrifice for the community. Erykah Badu has 3 children by 3 different fathers and married none of them. Jill Scott has a child by a man who did not commit to her and is also raising her child alone at the moment (she is engaged to be married). Both of these women spout this Afro-centric black love nonsense that has done nothing to contribute to women making better choices for their lives. Being famous well paid musicians and song writers, the can afford to have kids without fathers in the picture, though an intact two parent family is still vital and they too are selling to  impressionable women a non-existent bridge.

5. The Iron Snowflake: Blackistan’s secret weapon:

This Blackistani woman is the most dangerous of them all. Why? Because she encourages women to be “frogs” in the pot of slowly boiling water. She herself is benefiting from making right choices; her IR marriage, successful career/business, etc. Her white picket fence is pitched just on the outskirts of Blackistan, but she tries to turn back women trying to escape with her “voice of reason”.  What benefit does she derive from this? Her “unique” status remains intact.  If too many escape, then her life story becomes ordinary. So she tries to discourage them from dating and mating out by saying , “I married a  white, Asian, Hispanic, etc. man. I am happy but it is not a big deal, stay where you are.” She will not share her business secrets that help to create her wealth and success, she says to those who are hungry for more and want to build wealth themselves, “You don’t want the hassle, stay where you are.” She is a human detour sign that  that downplays the benefits of escaping from destructive circumstances that if heeded sends women and girls back into the burning building they just  escaped from.

The worst kind of terrorism is not deranged people with explosives strapped to their bodies and running into buildings or public transportation, it is those who while driving down the road of destruction invite others to join them, threaten those who refuse, and if possible try to strap them to the seat next to them for they refuse to ride alone. They don’t want  you to leave because they need you for the body count.

Think about it.

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