Biker Gang Rolls In to Protect Maya Angelou’s Funeral from Being Infected by Westboro Church Douchebags. Or…Not?

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Generally I’m a little scared of biker gangs. It’s rare that I hear news about them and say, “Woohoo, rock on, you leathery scary people!” So news that a biker gang named 2 million Bikers was planning on rolling in to protect Maya Angelou’s remains from the unapologetic trolls known to trumpet, “GOD HATES FAGS!!” at funerals of fallen soldiers, I was…well…kind of like, “WooHOoo!”

What is even more intriguing is that they are not proponents of Angelou’s beliefs, but feel compelled to protect this hallowed event nonetheless. I’m kind of wondering though…what exactly is it that the 2 Million Bikers actually object to? Like…seriously. What?

From the gang’s Facebook page:

[2 Million Bikers] are not riding in support of Angelou’s beliefs. “We are riding to protect her funeral from WBC,” [a spokeswoman] said. “If we allow WBC to protest her funeral what will stop them from protesting one of our funerals?”

Bee continued to say that even though her organization does not agree with Angelou, they will fight for the rights of all people to speak freely.

She passionately said,

“No we do not agree with her beliefs, but we agree with her freedom to have & voice those beliefs. That is what freedom is about! If we attempt to shut up all those who disagree with us are we not doing the same thing as them?”

Wait. Nevermind. It looks like, while they hate the Westboro Church, they got wind Obama will be there so they decided to shut it down. Also from the page

We have first hand info that Obama may be attending the Saturday Memorial/Funeral services for Maya Angelou. If O attends Secret Service will be there and WBC will not be allowed anywhere NEAR the site!

We also noticed WBC has cancelled their Thursday night protest as well since the Memorial for that night has been cancelled as well.

So in lieu of Thurs or Sat forming a wall ~ we thought instead we would do a NC “Meet & Greet” still meeting at Smokin Harley Davidson on Thursday evening at 6:00pm.


Well anyway, it’s the thought that counts.

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