Black Beauty: Celebrating Black Women’s Luscious Lips

By Zara

Let’s face it, our lips are so juicy that they go out and buy them – but without wanting to give us the credit where it is due!

We often hear about the “great lips” of certain white actresses and public personalities (who shall remain nameless) but we NEVER hear about the numerous black women in entertainment who exemplify what having these features is truly all about in the first place as Afro women.

Double standard much? I’d say so.

Hence, this post is dedicated to celebrating just a few of the black women worldwide who have some of the best lips in the business.



Member of the original and trend-setting En Vogue, with powerhouse vocals and a sultry persona to match. It just made it so much more enjoyable to listen to her beautiful voice slip through her pouty lips.

I literally not only listen to her sing, but watch her sing for days. She and her group members showed women everywhere what it meant to be sexy and classy. Viva En Vogue!



Best known for her work in the Soul Food series, this beauty is one of those women who does not need to hide behind a lot of hair in order to be stunning. Her lips alone command attention within the rest of her button-cute face.

It was always a joy to behold her black beauty as the movement of mouth complemented the depth of artistic expression as an actress.


With Nigerian roots, it is little wonder that this iconic songstress had one of the most sensual lips that went extremely well with the smooth tone of her jazzy soul music.

Every time she sang the word “smooth” in her international hit “Smooth Operator,” I think a part of my little girl’s heart melted in admiration. A woman so sexy, and without trying.



Although I personally found her character “Toni” on the much-adored and highly successful series “Girlfriends” a bit frustrating, I just could never bring myself to stop watching her!

Her silly tantrums were brought to life by the pout of her lips whenever she sulked. And that never failed to render her so loveable – despite her character’s bratty behaviour!



Whether she is smiling, crying (as Olivia Pope) or just standing around breathing, the shape and fullness of her lips are so captivating and beautiful to behold.

I am sure that when non-black women everywhere go in for plastic surgery on their lips, they ask the surgeon to give them lips like Kerry’s. But these lips cannot be bought – sorry!



Although she became one of the world’s first UBERMODELS (to date) for her gorgeous body and overall grace, one cannot deny that her lips are just the cherry on top of a perfect specimen of  woman.

When I see Naomi, I see a strong body, amazing bone structure, and lovely Afro features punctuated by those lips of hers. It also makes it that much better that she moves them to speak out against racism in the fashion industry! Go Naomi!

Honestly, this list could go on FOREVER!

Just throw in almost every black woman in the world and you’ll get all sorts of variations of beautiful lips.

We were born with sensual mouths – and no matter how slender-lipped or full-lipped we are as black women, our lips seem to always give off an aura of sensuality.

The better to not just look stunning with, but to express our truth with. So yay to us ladies!!!

PS: I just have to note that almost every lady on this list has dated inter-racially.

Even though certain aspects of society may want to downplay our beauty as black women, there are still many out there who see beyond the nonsense – and adore us for who we are.

In any case, what matters most is us celebrating ourselves as black women in self-love.
So go look in the mirror and give yourself a loving smirk of approval.

Again, as this list is mega short, I invite you to throw out names of the black women (or men) who you feel have some of the most gorgeous lips you have ever seen.

Do share!


BioZara Chiron is a multicultural, multilingual African woman in Europe who creatively – and candidly, explores the collective ‘Afro’ Experience in writing, image and video via her website.

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