Gender Conflict

Black Man Admits Hood Dudes Corrupt Black Women’s Wombs Through Sabotage, But Stops Short on “Swirling” Option


Christelyn Karazin

Sometimes my You Tube channel is riddled with trolls, but sometimes a few nuggets of teachable moments come through to exemplify why the work we do here is so important.

I’ve recently gotten a lot of traffic on a particular video I did regarding whether or not a woman with kids is considered “used goods.”

Within the conversation below the video, I’d mentioned that some men deliberately sabotage birth control, or actively try to prevent the woman from taking steps to protect herself from pregnancy in order to “lower her stock” and enforce control upon her. Most of the men on the page scoffed at this. But one stood up and said this…

@Christelyn Karazin – The comments you made in the video were balanced but in one of your written comments you wrote: “There’s a 72% out of wedlock rate in the black community so most black men clearly aren’t interested in marriage. If a single, childless,quality black woman wants marriage before kids, it’s pretty much a necessity that she open her options to men of other races. One thing some of you might not realize is that accidental pregnancies are often deliberate sabotage by men who see black women trying to make something herself. It’s their way to taking them “down a notch.” It’s also done deliberately to lower a black woman’s “market value.”

First, I am a black man and will admit that black men are the core CAUSE of the problems with black women.  What we have is a cycle where many young black males go out and impregnate young black women with no intention of marrying them.  This is not because such men (including teenagers) are against marriage, the problem is that they are immature, selfish, and not ready for marriage. And yes you are correct in saying that many black males will impregnate a women to lower her “market value”.  This is selfish and evil, and other black men end up paying the price for such evil.  So men in general should be complaining about the problems other men have created and not blaming it on the women.  Women are natural receptive to their men by design and want to have babies and be a mother, and too many young males prey on this, which is why women end up with multiple “baby daddy’s” and still are not married.

So later down the line when black men are more mature (including ones who impregnated women and didn’t marry them) and become interested in marriage, they find that there are a large percentage of single black women who already have at least one child by other men.  So then many men end up being against marrying a woman who already has children by another man, it’s not that they are against being married in general.  And a large percentage of marriageable black women fall into that category.

But you are seriously misguided in suggesting that so called “quality” black women should open up their options to other races.  Racism White Supremacy (RWS) is what degrades and defiles the minds of all people of color in every area of life and if that is not addressed then there are no solutions. This is why black men are so self defeating with their women.  Regardless of how corrupted my beloved black women get,  I wouldn’t marry a white women even if there were no other women left on planet earth.  Black women are the most beautiful and desirable beings for a black man who loves what he is.  For example, I get along with caucasians and have been heavily exposed to them but they are inherently different and in fact seem alien to me.  It’s not just a skin color thing.  To identify with whites is to identify with the RWS (self degradation in every area of life).  A black person has to believe whites are superior in order to marry one of them because their entire culture is driven by RWS.


This person had me until the very last paragraph, in which he was to accuse every white person on the planet for contributing to our oppression. And while he sees for himself the utter dysfunction that’s leading to the literal collapse of the black community, he STILL wants to GUILT black women to “hold it down.” Here’s what I said to him:

Thank you for your comment. And thank you for telling the truth about birth control sabotage. But here’s the thing…black women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their entire existence to fight white supremacy. If a non-black man is willing to come along and court, marry, provide and protect a black woman while so many black men willingly corrupt the wombs of black women with no plans to legitimize their offspring, and the women are left to fend for themselves alone, there really is no reasonable argument for continuing to allow black women to suffer under the regime of ratchetry. It’s unfair to ask a black woman to sacrifice the best years of her life searching for men who don’t want to be found, or associate with men who want to defile her and her womb. Black women deserve love, protection and marriage if they want it. I for one am glad many black women are shedding the “black community guilt” and finding their bliss. Sucks for the people left behind, though.
This man, although he seems nice enough, is the one who is truly misguided. Black women who want more choices, a better life, and in-tact families are opening up their options, and it’s too-bad-so-sad because that train has left the station. It’s time black women STOP sacrificing on the alter of “black first” and look to being WOMEN FIRST.
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