‘Black or White’: New Film Tackles White Grandparents Raising Biracial Grandchildren


It’s been great to see Kevin Costner regularly making films again. (We all love The Bodyguard, right? lol). Honestly, I had forgotten all about him until he surfaced at Whitney Houston’s funeral a few years ago, where he spoke quite eloquently and lovingly about her. Looking at his imdb page, he’s actually been working steadily but apparently I’ve missed about 15 years of his films, until the great Hatfield and McCoys TV series. Anyhow, his new film, Black or White, opens Jan 30th and centers around the white grandfather raising a biracial little girl whose black father and paternal grandmother are contesting him for custody. Octavia Spencer and Anthony Mackie also star in the film from the indie film powerhouse, Relativity Media.

Reviews are mixed but it seems like interesting subject matter for us here, since most of us at BB&W are interested in IRRs. For those with mixed race children, have you ever thought of the possibility that your biracial children might be raised by your non black in-laws? There are many stories of this – such as President Obama’s maternal grandparents helping to raise him, as well as the fabulous story of Dido Belle. Throughout history, it seems there’s always a segment of folks for whom blood trumps race.

Check out the trailer for Black and White here; let’s discuss!


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