Black Women's Empowerment

Black Women Scare You? Get Real!


A troll once forwarded a video by a Latino dude ranting about why black women make him nervous. There are even a few white guys that fear black women. My question is why? A few years ago, I was a regular “poster” on an AOL Race relations message board that included racists of all colors. One slick former skinhead had the nerve to ask me to account for the number of rapes committed by black males. Well, let’s just say I in no uncertain terms schooled him on crime rates and gender. He treaded lightly with me from that time forward. In fact, one particular post I wrote included a link to a study showing that women (including black women) rarely commit violent crimes.
Is it fair when people, men in particular, express fear of black women? When was the last time a black female priest molested children? When was the last time a black woman went on a shooting rampage? What about the black woman that blew up a bus or airplane? Did a black woman kidnap and kill tourists in Mexico? This is not to say that a black woman never committed horrible acts. Yet, you’d think we cause chaos on a regular basis with the way people talk about us. Sure, we’ve seen a number of videos of black women attempting to fight men. If you notice, they always seem to be beaten up, tased, etc.
What exactly are people afraid of? We speak our minds? Tell you off? In other words, we stick up for ourselves?  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve encountered more attitude from black women than anyone else. Keep in mind that I move among black women more frequently than I do others. With all of the bad experiences I’ve had, a black woman has never made me feel that my life was in danger. I’d bet most people haven’t felt such a threat from a black woman either. So if you are afraid of black women, you really need to ask yourself what makes the black woman more dangerous than anyone else.
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