(Bonus) Question of the Week: Black Women Blaming Their White Boyfriends for Racism

I got this letter from  a friend of mine who’s dating a black woman. I’m going to leave some stuff out because he’s an actor, and highly Google-able.

It made me feel horrible when my BW would constantly bring up things like no BW in the movie [BLANK] or there’s no BW lead in a network series or, I’m not remembering everything right now but in the beginning it was like “yeah! I’m with you baby” but then later it was like, I’m that white man you keep talking about that’s bringing your people down. It got to where it hurt every time it was brought up. I felt like I was being insensitive but I couldn’t shake the hurtful feelings inside. It felt like I was constantly being attacked. Am I wrong for feeling this way? I actually had a knee jerk reaction when another BW asked me “and you know why bla bla bla?” I thought in my mind, yeah because the white man something bla bla. And when she answered it was totally something simple but I felt all programmed to find whiteys fault in it, lol. Is that weird? Is that maybe a “dating don’t” you might wanna bring up with BW? Or am I way off and should just keep my big white mouth shut and let her have her feelings about that? It’s a pretty serious turn off though when everywhere is somewhere you have a memory of being refused service because your black and so on…

Here’s my take:

I know ya’ll got somethin’ to say ’bout this…

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