Born on the Fourth of July

Well, maybe you were but I wasn’t. My actual birthday is the reverse of those numbers, but I do know a few people and entities who were born on this day, and one happens to be the fantastic U.S.A.

Oh the days filled with barbecue, roasted corn, potato salad, pecan pie, fireworks, ice cream floats and watermelon. Who couldn’t love what this day represents? And the various fun ways we can show our pride by wearing red, white, and blue on our clothes?

So here’s some fun ways to get dolled up for one of the hottest days in summer.



Stars and Stripes

Fourth of July Stars and Stripes
Anchors Away
Fourth of July Nautical
Born on the Fourth of July
Fourth of July Denim Shirt
Make sure to pack your sunscreen (black people need to wear it too), water (infuse it with some fruits in a bottle) and water spray.
Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion SPF 70 - 3 oz
No7 Hydarating Facial Mineral Water Spray - 3.38 oz
Fiji Natural Mineral Water
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