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Brazilian Black Beauty Meets ‘Antonio,’ Who Proposes At First Sight

His name isn’t really Antonio (that’s the moniker I give all Italian men who might, could, possibly convince me, under HEAVY medication, to forget that I’m married. For like, a week. I met Nicholas through the whirlwind of interracial Facebook fan pages, but to be honest, what stopped me in my tracks was this:



Sorry…what was I saying? Must have blacked out for a moment from ALL THE SUN-SHINDGED HOTTNESS THAT IS NICHOLAS!!!

But Nick isn’t just another ‘Antonio.’ After snooping around his pictures, I realized he had met the love of his life already–the beautiful Brazilian Caterine Santana:

I swear. What the hay-ell is in the water over there in Brazil? Like, whoa. I want those abs.

Their love story started online in 2009 when Caterine and her Mother moved from Brazil to Rome for work. Nicholas lives is Parma (you know, like the cheese?) so the couple had plenty of time to get to know each other from afar and I have to say, and young as they are, they seem to be HOPELESSLY in love. Caterine says Nicholas is her first love. And Nicholas was so smitten that he proposed the first day they met in person. Take THAT! Cinderella.

In his broken English, I’ll let Nicholas tell us what compelled him to pursue Caterine: [I puposely left his quote unedited because I believe his love and committment shines through.

day after day I discovered That She Was a beautiful person inside.she s also beautiful outside But I think it’s more important what she has inside. i don t want a barbie in my life, i want a real person, the physical appearance is not the Most Important thing for me.we spent a lot of time on the phone. We have a long distance relationship, im from Parma (a city in the north of Italy Known for the food ^ ^) she’s from Rome.after A Few months I Decided to go to Rome to meet her, i went to Rome for the first time and from that day we got engaged.I go to Rome once a month to be with her a few days.we are together since 2009.

I know that the varigated colors and levels of melanin in Brazilians means that they struggle with their own coloracism issues. But take a good look at Caterine. She’s sweet, has a hot body, and is totally adoring of her man. Thjnk it’s just child’s play? Take a look at Caterine’s ‘Mammy’:
I mean dang!, do people even EAT in Brazil?
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