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Can’t Miss SWIRLING Event at Culinary School June 3 (Lots of Chocolate is Involved)

Janice and I are having a ball planning all the book signing events for SWIRLING. And because we never just do stuff half-arsed, we’ve created “destination” book signing events, where swirlers and potential swirlers can mix and mingle.

And what’s so great is that SWIRLING is attracting the attention of both women AND men…

My Facebook buddy, Ted Newman engages in a little bedtime reading...

So you know what that means? Our SWIRLING book signings and mixers are potential hot spots to connect with like-minded folks, and then…who knows?

Here’s the deets for our next event. It’s at a cooking school and all the guests will learn how to make truffles while sipping wine.

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Space is limited and the slots are filling up fast. Go to the official SWIRLING facebook events page HERE to RSVP.

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