Carl: A Message to Black Women


Hello everyone.
I am a white man who is rather fond of women, I happen to have a strong affinity for black women.
Most of you who watch Christelyn’s videos have most likely heard my voice.

I have the benefit of watching this world of Beyond Black and White and those who attack it from a place where I can analyse and learn and laugh at the nonsense.
I see the good, the bad and the deeply ugly things that come towards this community.
So for you are reading this, it’s time I cleared something up for you.
You are told by certain types of individuals these “truths” about white men, somehow these people have magically gotten together and gotten into the deep heart of white men, deep deep deep! Into our souls and know how we feel despite evidence to the contrary.
So let’s have a look at these “truths.”

For those of a sensitive nature please grab your smelling salts.

Apparently we don’t find you attractive.
Yes! Apparently the white men who bond with black women, who marry them, who love them, who procreate with them, who lay on our deathbeds with black woman…. we all have a deep seated need to have relations with woman we are repulsed by.
I think it’s more likely that this excuse is a load of rubbish.. don’t you?
Ask any man if he would want to have some hanky panky with someone unattractive. I am pretty sure the answer would be “nah.” We tend to have some kind of natural discretion this statement may not apply to beer goggles on a night out, though.

Apparently we just want to use you for sex

You have all heard the stupid little contradiction that while we don’t find you attractive we also are only being nice to you because we want to play hide the sausage. Now of course men and women from any race  will always be individuals who are just looking for a bit of that, they just want to sow their oats, have their fun and sadly they will tell a few lies to get it done “yes I love you” “of course I want more than this” “of course I will remember your name in the morning” and so on. That has nothing to do with race, just to do with people being dishonest to get what they want. Protect yourself from those types but race has nothing to do with it.

Apparently we won’t marry you.
Oh dear!!! You found us out. Apparently not a single one of us will marry you. Ignore the ones wearing the ring, it’s a lie, those people are deceiving you.

So much deception white men get up to apparently. How do we keep track.
Apparently we want to steal your blackness
It’s suggested that one of our evil plans is to take away your melanin. Apparently you are no longer black when you get with a white man. I trust we are all seeing how stupid that logic is. The“goal is to breed out the black race” I am not even going to start taking apart this nonsense.
The goal of such claims, like all of these things is to put fear in you, fear of heart break, pain, suffering. To make you hesitate when you meet a kind wonderful man or not to speak to him at all just because of the colour of his skin.
The people who make these claims are not trying to help you, they are not going to pay your bills or look after you and your family, they don’t love you, they just want to keep you under control, in your place to fulfil their political, social agenda or just to stroke that chip on their shoulder about “the white man!”

Black women please hear me, you are going to always hear a lot of bull from those who want to live with hate and to spread it, whoho will not make a noise when black men date outside their race but cry out to ensure that you should spend the rest of your life dealing with those rather shoddy options they would leave you with.

Date who you want, marry who you want, live YOUR life with whoever you want regardless of race colour or creed.
Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Go find someone worth spending a lifetime with.

A Man (amongst many) who wants you.

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