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“Charlie’s Angels” Annie Illonzeh Jumps from Steamy Interracial Romance on the Soaps to Primetime!

If you haven’t yet heard of her, you will when the remake of the ABC classic, Charlie’s Angel’s premires on the network later this month (September 20-something…) on Thursdays at 8PM. Annie is part Nigerian, so I’m glad ABC is spicing it up this time ’round with some mocha-choca-latte instead of all that blond hair that was flying around in the 70’s. God rest Farrah Fawcett’s soul. She was the QUEEN of blond.

But back to Annie, because that’s what this post is about, not so much Charlie’s Angels, although I watched it religiously, along with Dallas, Falcon Crest, The Dukes of Hazard, Dynasty ( or ‘die nasty’).

I just aged myself. But I too plan to look as good as Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock when I’m 95.

By now you should know well that I’m a soaps fan, which I know is cause for ridicule like public smoking and farting in a public restroom, but to hades with all of your judging me right now!! I’m really sad about All My Children and One Life to Live being cancelled and I could care less about The Chew.

I became Annie’s fan back when she was on General Hospital, heating things up with Aussie HAWTIE, Nathan Parsons.

I swear this guy looks like he should be in a vampire movie.

For those non-watchers of soaps, Nathan played the character, “Ethan,” and Annie played “Maya.” They had a love-hate relationship, Ethan panting madly for her and she pretending not to like it. This scene is when the accidentally got married while 10 sheets to the wind.

On the show, Maya breaks Ethan’s heart, when after a visit back home to wherever town she came from, he makes a surprise visit to claim his undying love, only to find her in bed with a black dude. He cries and looks like he means it.

But in real life, the character that plays Maya was auditioning for Charlie’s Angeles. Ergo, Maya had to go buh-bye.

According to her publicists,

When the opportunity to be one of the new Charlie’s Angels came up, Annie prepared for her audition by watching old episodes and learning more about female police officers. “The audition process was magical, and I had the feeling that this was ‘it.’” Two months later while on the basketball court, Annie received the call that she had been cast as Kate Prince. “I did cartwheels all over the court.”

Did I mention she’s a basketball player? And from Fort Worth Texas? And has two Chihuahuas named Capone and Pacino? Could it be she likes swarthy I-tal-ians and ? Perhaps we’ll find out later when her schedule is less hectic. Her publicist has me bookmarked for a one-to-one interview when she does.

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